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Fundraising success at Hayling Billy 5 mile fun run

Supporters of HEH Mind raised over £1000 in sponsorship this week by participating in the Hayling Billy 5 mile race. The event organised by Victory Athletic Club saw over 250 people running for a variety of charities. Six brave volunteers ran representing Havant and East Hants Mind on the day. Though small in numbers we were supported by another 200+ sponsors who donated over £1,000 in total. All the proceeds from the fundraising will go towards our “Kids in Havant” Campaign to support children in the local area who face issues caused by poor mental health. 

Havant and East Hants Mind would like to thank all those who sponsored the charity and all those who turned out to cheer our gallant runners.  We would also like to thank Victory Athletic Club for their support, their offer of coaching and for training up two mental health ambassadors within the club. Ambassador Cathy Beresford explained how she intends to support people into running as a way of promoting and maintaining their mental health. “This is something that has worked for many including myself and good physical health plays an important part in mental health and wellbeing”.

We at Mind think this a progressive and innovative approach –mental health truly is everyone’s business and at Victory AC they use the great capacity they have to support it to the maximum.

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