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Mental Health and Well Being support for Local Families

Havant and East Hants have received financial support from Havant Borough Council, Hampshire County Council and the Zurich Community Trust to enable HEH Mind to offer a new mental health and well being support service to families living within the Havant Borough.

Families with multi­generational mental health and well being concerns may be facing a number of difficult social challenges as result. HEH Mind will offer whole family support working in their home with a preventative and bespoke focus.

The family unit (however defined by the family) will have a minimum of 1 or more adults and must have 1 or more children aged between 5 ­and 10 years. HEH Mind will work with adults and other siblings regardless of age for up to 6 months.

Development Manager at HEH Mind Ross Borman explained “We believe this support will help many families who need help to break the cycle of poor mental health and to give them, particularly children, the resilience and tools they need to progress and thrive for the rest of their lives. We value the opportunity to work in this family orientated way to maximise the impact of outcomes for everyone”.

Some of the work will be delivered in partnership with the trusted local youth charity Communitas.

For more information please contact the HEH Mind office, info@easthantsmind.org, 02392  498916

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