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Students in Mind Presentation to college personnel

Like death and taxes, stress is a fact of life and students experiencing anxiety can find it hard to concentrate on their studies. In a recent presentation Lecturers and Learning Support personnel at a London College were given tips to identify and work with stressed students by our Mind trainer. In an interactive training for personnel delegates learnt about the impact of anxiety and experienced techniques to immediately reduce mental chatter and body responses. The objective for this training was to help students maintain a calm mental state to enable learning and cope with stress, especially around this run up to exam season.

Some examples of the feedback from college personel include

"Lecturer really knew her stuff."

"We learnt how to deal with stress in students in a professional manner."

"Very interesting and will be helpful both inside and outside work."

"Clear explanations and analysis of students' stress and how this impacts their daily life / studies."

"Audience participation - not death by powerpoint!"

"Lots of good ideas that are manageable."

"Well presented visual and stimulating."

"I enjoyed it and learnt a lot."

"Explained in detail and very interactive."

"Presented in easy to understand, matter of fact / humorous way."

If your orgaisation would like to enquire about training for staff or volunteers please let us know.

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