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Youth Conference

The team from Havant Mind were pleased to attend the second annual youth conference presented by Havant Borough Council on Friday 4th March, 2016. The event gathered together 14 & 15 year old students from secondary schools across the borough and put on talks and interactive workshops for the students which focused on life skills, such as budgeting, democracy and healthy lifestyles.

Each event featured a special “Approved by You” segment in which three local charities offered a presentation to the students with the aim of securing a £4000 grant from the council. The students then voted to choose the charity which they’d like to receive the money. Havant Mind Wellbeing team members, led by Danielle Barnes and Jennifer Smith, were excited to present their service to the students, raising awareness of mental health illness in young people, what it looks like, and how frequently it occurs. Havant Mind is in the process of rolling out their wellbeing service to schools in the area and additional funding is a huge boost to the program.

This was a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness about Mind’s work for better mental health for everyone, and we hope to be involved in the years to come, especially as the students present were clearly thoughtful and informed on important issues. 

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