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In Sync with local schools

Havant and East Hants Mind launches new project working with schools in Havant.

Havant and East Hants Mind has begun its 12 month pilot project working with a handful of schools in Leigh park Havant (PO9) Hampshire. Looking at a life course approach we began work with Trosnant school as a feeder primary moving on to work based in Havant Academy secondary school. We are working with our partner voluntary organisation Communitas who are already based in many of the schools in the area providing counselling and pastoral support. We are also linking with others already working in the area or the setting. The project works with and for the benefit of 460 pupils + their parents, 70 staff and the 36 governors.

The funding for the pilot was awarded by National Mind who are looking to test a range of initiatives across the country to add to the evidence base. HEH Mind is very fortunate and pleased to attract national funding to address local issues in Havant and we hope to use the pilot as a way of drawing in further funding for work with schools in Havant and East Hampshire in the near future. 

For further information please contact Havant Mind’s Mind “In Sync” school's project coordinator Danielle Barnes on 02392 498916 or info@easthantsmind.org 

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