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Workshops underway to support exam stress and anxiety for students at Alton College.

A partnership with Danielle Barnes, Lyn Bennett from Havant & East Hants MIND and Jan Symes, the welfare manager at Alton College, has led to a series of workshops to support students through the build-up period to exams, which can cause high levels of stress and anxiety for students. 

There has been a significant increase nationally in mental health difficulties amongst adolescents. Therefore we were not surprised to learn that during HEH Mind’s research, stress and anxiety were reported as having high prevalence in teenagers in the Alton and East Hants area. Research conducted by Alton College had themselves identified stress and anxiety as accounting for about 12% of all the students referred to the student welfare service and 27% of these are severe cases affecting many areas of functioning within these young people’s lives. This may be only the tip of the iceberg as obviously not all students share their worries or issues with the college.

The new workshops combine and share the skills of HEH Mind with those of the specialist college service to achieve the best possible outcomes for students. The impact of poor mental health, issues such as stress and anxiety can result in low attendance or results, drop out from college, and the likelihood of not continuing on to University. 

Also potentially it can affect employability, increasingly where the world of work can be tough to get into for young people, it requires considerable personal resilience.  We will share with you some of the findings of the feedback in later bulletins and tell you what the pupils thought of the courses in our next update. For more information about exam stress or anxiety for teens, please give us a call on 02392498916 or email us, info@easthantsmind.org

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